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Getting Started with Time in Range

We've put together step-by-step resources on how to use and understand time in range—so you can get started living your best life, today.
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How does time in range work?
Take the first step and find out more about how time in range works!...
Doctor smiling with clipboard with a red background behind him, preparing to tell you about time in range
How to bring up time in range with your doctor
Want to discuss time in range with your healthcare team? We're here to walk you through how....
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Different kinds of CGMs available
Looking for the perfect CGM for you? Check out this guide to different CGMs!...
Woman with type 1 diabetes using the continuous glucose monitor reader device, above the glucose blood sensor to scan her blood sugar level
Who is covered for a CGM?
Find out who all is covered for a CGM—including private insurance, Medicare, and more...
Woman in yellow cardigan looking intently at her computer to find CGM insurance information.
Find out if your insurance covers your CGM
Use danatech's tool to see if what CGMs are covered under your insurance...
Portrait of a young woman in pink shirt with finger on mouth looking up thinking about time in range
So You Got a CGM – Now What?
Tips, tricks, and things to consider in order to make the most out of your CGM...
Two young women looking at their time in range on their phone and smiling happily!
How do I read my time in range?
Stats made simple. Check out Novo Nordisk's step-by-step of how to read your time in range ...
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Tracking your time in range
Check out this action plan to help you track your time in range...
An arm of a diabetes patient against a swimming pool with a waterproof CGM that they can use to find their time in range. (Continuous Glucose Monitor)
Abbott Freestyle Libre's guide to time in range
Check out how the FreeStyle Libre CGM can help you monitor your time in range...
Man in blue exercise shirt with CGM (Dexcom) on his arm
Dexcom's guide to time in range
Check out how a Dexcom CGM can help you monitor your time in range...
A woman with a Medtronic CGM on her arm—CGM can be used to find time in range
Medtronic Guardian's guide to time in range
Check out how Medtronic's Guardian CGM can help you monitor your time in range...
Woman with short hair flexing her am and kissing it—time in range makes her feel strong
Senseonic Eversense's guide to time in range
Check out how Senseonic's Eversense CGM can help you monitor your time in range...
Magnifier And Question Mark On Purple Background—meant to convey questions about CGM and time in range
Learn more about how CGMs work and how they can help you live the life you deserve...


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