People with diabetes deserve to spend more time enjoying life and less time doing the job of their own pancreas. This is one of our core beliefs. That’s why we’re working every day to make sure you have that opportunity. 

If you or someone you love has diabetes, that means we’re talking to you! We want to be your personal guide for learning how to take action and make diabetes care work for you. 

We have one goal at the core of the work we do: to make time in range, complemented by A1c, a key metric of diabetes health across the world. When people with diabetes adopt time in range, it means more freedom and a chance to make every day a winning one. 

To make real, meaningful progress on this issue, we’re reaching people from every corner of the diabetes community:

People with diabetes
Healthcare professionals
Regulatory groups & policymakers


Each one of these groups is a key player in our mission. We want everyone with diabetes to adopt time in range and use it to improve the quality of their lives. We want healthcare professionals to leverage time in range information to make big and small clinical decisions to help people better manage their diabetes day to day. We want regulatory groups and policymakers to establish policy that expands coverage and promotes adoption of time in range to improve health outcomes for people with diabetes. And we know that we can make it happen. 

As we amplify the message about time in range, we’ll be able to have a bigger impact and improve as many lives as we can—we can’t wait. 

With more accurate assessments, you can spend less time managing your diabetes, and more time focused on your friends, your family, and what’s important to you. We believe that people with diabetes deserve nothing less.