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There's a lot to know about time in range—and we're here to help you make your life even easier with time range!
Woman sitting down with a laptop excited, yellow background behind her—meant to convey excitement about time in range news
Understanding your AGP report
Step-by-step instructions for understanding your AGP report right at home...
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How to use your AGP report to increase your time in range (video)
Dr. Carlson uses real-world examples to discuss how to use your AGP to inform your care...
Woman with diabetes and a CGM on her arm preparing for a run
10 ways to increase your time in range
Check out Steve Edelman's advice on increasing time in range...
Target board with two darts missing the board
How to spend more time in your target blood sugar range
Check out Diabetes What's Next's guide on spending more time in range...
Green old-school calculator on a yellow background meant to show calculating GMI with time in range
Using the GMI to Estimate Your A1C: How Accurate Is It?
The GMI provides a clue as to what your next A1C result might be...
Woman wearing a CGM looking at her time in range on her phone and smiling
Have you heard of time in tight range?
Time in tight range has shown to decrease diabetes complications—and so much more...
Magnifier And Question Mark On Purple Background—meant to convey questions about CGM and time in range
What questions should I ask when looking at my ambulatory glucose profile (AGP) report?
Fully understanding your AGP report can help you feel more in control of your diabetes care...
Woman waking up in bed and checking her time in range on her phone
10 hacks that make it virtually impossible to ignore (or sleep through) CGM alerts
Check out these hacks so you never miss a glucose alert again...
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Using time in range to empower you at your next healthcare appointment
How can time in range help reduce diabetes stigma and empower you...
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Expert insights on time in range
Hear what leading diabetes professionals think about time in range...
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Medicines, vitamins, and procedures than affect your time in range
Certain medications, substances & procedures can affect CGM accuracy...
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CGM affordability programs
Find different resources on CGM affordability programs here...
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Mobile apps that can help improve time in range
Apps can help monitor and improve your diabetes care, including your time in range...
Doctor smiling looking at a chart with his patient with diabetes
Remember, your time in range isn't a grade
Time in range isn't a grade—it's a tool to help you feel BETTER...
Photo of Dr. Rich Bergenstal
Shedding Light on the AGP Report With Dr. Rich Bergenstal
Learn ways to use your AGP to optimize your CGM data...
Smiling happy young man wear wireless headset look at laptop screen where he's watching trainings on time in range and CGM
ADA's Patient Education Library
Find free resources and articles on time in range and other diabetes metrics through ADA...
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Glucose monitoring tips and tricks
Helpful hints on how making time in range and glucose monitoring work for you...
Young man holding a book he wrote smiling, 42 factors that affect time in range, blood glucose
42 factors that can affect your time in range
Did you know that there are 42 factors that can affect your blood glucose? Check them out...
10+ People connecting via the internet
Connect with the diabetes online community (DOC)
The DOC is an online home for anyone and everyone who has been touched by diabetes...
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Check out the TIRC resource hub
Check out our full resources hub on everything time in range...
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