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People with Diabetes
Dive into the world of time in range.

Understanding Time in Range

Ready to fall in love with time in range? Check out the articles below to see how time in range can help you live your best life.
Woman with dark curly hair looking confused and asking: what is time in range anyway?
What is time in range?
Learn what exactly time in range is and how it's helping people with diabetes...
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What are healthcare professionals saying about time in range? (video)
Healthcare professionals across the world know that time is range is a game-changer...
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Can time in range help me?
Find out how time in range can help you live the life you want...
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Why is time in range important?
Diabetes can be like a puzzle. Find out how to put the pieces together with time in range...
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Time in Range: The New Important Metric in Glucose Management
Learn why more and more people with diabetes and experts are looking to time in range...
6 vials of blood sitting on a lab table
Time in Range vs. A1C
ADA's guide on how do time in range and A1c work together...
Woman with diabetes is wearing small CGM sensor on the back of upper arm for measuring glucose levels 24/7 and measuring her time in range
How CGM and time in range can help you
Check out Abbott's guide on how CGM metrics can help you manage your diabetes...
Young girl with freestlye Libre CGM on her am sitting at table
Why is time in range important? (video)
Watch how & why time in range is helping so many people with diabetes (presented by Abbott)...
Athlete Stretching with Continuous Glucose Monitor Transmitter
Breaking down time in range: a new way to think about glucose
Check out Dexcom's guide to time in range and how it can help your diabetes...
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Stories of success
Hear from real people about how using time in range has impacted their life ...
Senior man in a floral shirt drinking a tropical drink, living his best life
How time in range can impact your quality of life
Check out TCOYD'S story on how using time in range can help improve your quality of life ...

Different types of diabetes

and how time in range can help!

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