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Time in range is always evolving. Stay updated and ensure that you're giving your patients the best care possible.


Dive into everything that time in range can do for you patients—and how to navigate time in range during life's complications.
The young adult Asian physician standing on the purple background. Bringing time in range into practice
Interpreting the AGP report
Step-by-step instructions for interpreting the AGP report ...
time in range in practice
Working Together to Use Time in Range Data (video)
Learn how to have a productive conversation with patients about their time in range...
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A deeper dive into the International Consensus Report on Time in Range and guidance recommendations
The ADA Standards of Care included TIR as an important metric for people with diabetes...
Business process and workflow automation with flowchart. Hand holding wooden cube block arranging processing management on yellow background, time in range work flow
Optimizing workflow with time in range in your practice (video)
Watch how healthcare teams can efficiently incorporate time in range into their practice...
red dart target with arrows missing it, out of range time in range diabetes
Managing care when out of range (video)
Join Dr.Aaron King as he provides insight on managing care when your patient is out of range...
A male doctor chats to an elderly male patient, time in range rural practice
Using Diabetes Technology in Rural Practice (video)
Join Dr. Johnson as he discusses incorporating diabetes technology in rural practice...
Photo of nurse putting adhesive bandage on young woman patient’s arm after vaccination at a clinic. Vaccination for covid-19, time in range and covid
Time in Range and COVID (video)
Dr. Ruth Weinstock's practice pearl focuses on time in range and COVID...
Kid’s hands holding happy, sad and unsatisfied paper faces, meant to show the different moods that come with living with diabetes
The Impact of Psychosocial Functioning When Using CGM to Achieve Time in Range (video)
Join Dr. Hilliard as she discusses the impact of psychosocial functioning when using CGM...
Smiling happy young man wear wireless headset look at laptop screen where is watching trainings on time in range and CGM
ADA's Practice Pearl video library
Check out ADA's time in range-specific video library to stay updated with time in range...
Alarm clock on a color background, increasing your patent's time in range
Helping your patients increase their time in target range
Pursuing Time in Range goals has multiple benefits beyond clinical gain...
A small group of four medical professionals sit around a boardroom table as they meet to discuss patient cases. They are each dressed professionally in scrubs and lab coats as they focus on working together. CGM trainings
ADCES' CGM trainings
Check out ADCES' ongoing diabetes tech trainings ...
Yellow lightbulb on blue background meant to show ideas about time in range
AACE's CGM and time in range training guide
AACE has compiled training resources to help stay up to date with all things time in range...
Blonde woman doctor talks to patient with diabetes, a blonde woman with glasses, about time in range
Guide to introducing time in range to your patients
Green old-school calculator on a yellow background, calculating GMI with time in range
Calculating the GMI (Glucose Management Indicator)
GMI indicates the average A1C level that would be expected based on mean glucose...
Multi colored books on blue background. Learn about time in range.
Resources used by HCPs to educate PWD about TIR (video)
How healthcare professionals can educate people with diabetes about time in range...
Woman with type 1 diabetes using the continuous glucose monitor reader device, above the glucose blood sensor to scan her blood sugar level
Awareness of Time in Range – Opportunities for Increased Adoption
These data highlight a significant lack of TIR among people with T2 and CGM non-users...
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Diabetes Dialogue: Establishing Time in Range as a Primary Glucose Metric
Healthcare professionals and patient advocates discuss increasing adoption of time in range ...
A woman looking up at a big bookshelf of colorful books, time in range education and resources
TIRC's Research Hub
Check out the most impactful journal articles that support time in range and its outcomes...
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