The Time in Range Coalition is working together to change the world of diabetes. Pretty easy task, right? As turns out, it’s a lot of work. But that’s not stopping us.

We are people with diabetes, researchers, leaders from diabetes-focused organizations, and industry partners. Our goal is to make time in range, along with time above range and time below range, the centerpiece of modern diabetes care to complement A1C and provide insights that help you respond to your blood sugar in real-time. The Time in Range Coalition is changing what it means to live with diabetes. 

We are about more than just managing your time in range. Our coalition is about the freedom and quality of life that comes with having an accurate, real-time map of your blood sugars. Time in range (TIR) can help lead to better sleep, less time spent on diabetes management, less stress, and more time doing what you want to. It gives you the kind of life you deserve. 

Time in range is a game changer for people with diabetes. We believe it can be the key to unlocking a higher quality of life, and we’re determined to share that message with as many people as possible. 
We’re bringing all types of people together to push time in range forward and help millions of people living with or affected by diabetes. By building a coalition of experts, researchers, policymakers, and industry representatives, there is no limit to the good we can do with time in range to improve the lives for people with diabetes.

We’re united in this movement. Here’s who we’re working with to create this change: 


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