Know more. Do more. That’s what we live by. 

We are fighting for you by breaking down the barriers facing time in range adoption, and ensuring that every person with diabetes has the tools they need to live the life they want.

When you use time in range to manage your blood sugar levels, every day can be a winning one. Our goal isn’t just to make your care easier, it’s to make your life better. And we don’t just mean today or tomorrow, we’re in this for the long run.

Try to picture what your life would look like if you could spend less time managing your diabetes care, and more time focused on your family, your friends, your career, or even your plants. It’s a nice thought, right? But it doesn’t have to be a dream. With time in range, it can be your reality. 

So what are we doing to make it happen? 

People with Diabetes

Our long-term mission is to ensure that time in range becomes the primary glucose metric for daily diabetes management, complemented by A1C, for all people with diabetes across the globe. We are working to: 

  • Increase awareness of time in range so people with diabetes know that there are easy, accessible tools available that can make them feel better physically and mentally
  • Educate people with diabetes about the impact of using time in range to make treatment and lifestyle decisions, improve quality of life and outcomes, and reduce health complications 
  • Increase access to time in range data to empower people with diabetes to make their own real-time decisions in their diabetes care

   Our Goal for 2023: Make time in range a household name. 

Healthcare Professionals

We want time in range to become healthcare professionals’ primary glucose metric for daily diabetes management and treatment decisions, complemented by A1C. We are working to: 

  • Promote the evolution of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines (i.e. Standards of Care in Diabetes) that include Time in Range as a recommended indicator of glycemic control.
  • Support improvements in office workflow to increase comfort and effectiveness in prescribing, using, and educating patients on available therapies and technology
  • Drive integration of time in range in clinical diabetes management
  • Engage with researchers and global diabetes experts to increase clinical and patient-reported evidence supporting time in range as associated with fewer diabetes-related complications and positive patient-reported outcomes

Our Goal for 2023: Increase digital investments to help drive awareness and application of time in range among specialists and general practitioners. 

Regulatory & Policy

We want to establish time in range as a clinically meaningful endpoint in clinical trials and labeling products. We are working to: 

  • Collaborate with already established initiatives working to support time in range
  • Advocate for the widespread adoption of time in range in regulatory agency clinical guidelines to narrow the gap between clinical practices and personal utilization of time in range.
  • Evolve the regutory’s adoption of time in range so its inclusion in drug labeling can encourage the development of medications that will decrease times above and below ranges and inform prescribing clinicians on pharmacological advantages for glycemic control of newer medications and help PWDs maintain more time in a healthy range.
  • Further uplift established initiatives working to support time in range globally

Our Goal for 2023: Determine what is holding time in range back from becoming a primary glucose metric, and identify how we can overcome those obstacles and help people with diabetes in the long run.