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It’s time to have the talk. The one with your doctor about CGM of course…

CGMs are for everyone with diabetes It reduces fingersticks, alerts you when you’re low or high, and helps lower A1c. It’s all upside, no risk. 

We’re here to help you prepare to talk to your doctor about CGMs and time in range. Think of this guide as your guardian angel on your shoulder whispering in your ear…you got this! 

If you already use a CGM but not time in range, you can be prepared by following these steps.

  1. Do your research! Check out our resources and research page! Feel free to take key points, save these links, or bring useful articles to your appointment.
  2. Write down the questions you want to be answered. Use this opportunity to get real answers. You may want to know how you and your doctor will work together to utilize time in range. You may want to learn where to get training, or how you can share your metrics with your healthcare team. And if there’s anything you can’t find an answer for, then come back to our website! We’re here to be a resource for you. 
  3.  Tell your doctor WHY you want to start using time in range. To be frank, some healthcare professionals won’t want their patients to use time in range because they think it’s too complicated, or they might not have the tools needed to work with it. But we’re not looking for what’s easiest for your healthcare provider, we want what’s best for you. And again, time in range is not a replacement for A1C—it’s designed to work in tandem with A1C to make the best decisions for your body. Be ready to explain to your doctor why you want to use time in range and work with them to make that a reality. 
  4. Most importantly—advocate for yourself. Don’t let yourself be talked out of something that you know will help your health journey. You are the expert. Come prepared and don’t let your concerns or needs be ignored. It’s your body. It’s your conversation, and ultimately, your decision. We trust our doctors to keep us healthy and informed. But remember, no one knows what you need better than you, and your doctors can’t help you unless you let them know what you need. 

If your doctor wants to know more about time in range, you can send them to our Healthcare Professionals page to learn more. 

You are never alone in this journey. We’re here to support you and make sure that you have all the information you need when you talk to your doctor. It’s a team effort! Make sure to talk to your friends, family, and loved ones so they understand what you’re looking for in a CGM.

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