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We've put together key resources on how to introduce time in range in your practice so that you can give your patients the highest quality care.
Two women talking to doctor about time in range and CGM.
Steps for getting started with time in range in practice (video)
Steps to start adopting time in range in your practice from
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A step-by-step guide to adding CGM to your practice
AAFP's guide to how to start a CGM program in your practice...
Woman HCP talks to person with diabetes in her care
A guide to effective use of time in range in clinical practice
Check out best practices in using time in range in your practice from
Partial side view of Caucasian woman in casual clothing with glucose sensor on her arm and hands on her head smiling at camera.
Professional vs. Personal CGM
Learn the difference between a professional and personal CGM ...
Woman with pink shirt with Dexcom G6 smiling
Personal Continuous Glucose Monitoring Implementation Playbook
An unbiased approach to implementation of Personal CGM in your practice from ADCES...
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Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring Implementation Playbook
An unbiased approach to implementation of Professional CGM in your practice from ADCES...
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Compare different CGMs
Check out DiabetesWisePro's library of CGM devices...
Woman in yellow cardigan looking intently at her computer to find CGM insurance information.
CGM insurance coverage tool
Use danatech's tool to see what CGMs are covered under different insurance plans...
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CGM Affordability Programs
Current manufacturer programs & other resources to get PWD the care they need from ADCES...
Candidate selection and training for CGMs
Trying to figure out whether your patient is right for a CGM? ADCES has you covered. ...
Happy medical expert reading an e-mail on a computer in the office at hospital, time in range in practice
All about the Ambulatory Glucose Report (AGP)
Learn the history of the AGP and why it's imperative to diabetes care ...
Young male HCP thinking about time in range in front of purple background
Interpreting the AGP report
Step-by-step instructions for interpreting the AGP report from Health Partners Institute...
a female doctor sits and listens to a woman with diabetes talk about her fluctuations in her glucose levels
Talking to your patient about time in range
Learn how to talk to patients about time in range in a positive, productive way...
Screenshot of a clip in video—cartoon dr talking to elderly diabetes patient about their time in range
Working Together to Use Time in Range Data (video)
Learn how to have productive conversations with patients about time in range with Lilly...
Medical Bill Codes Audit And Billing In Hospital, CGM billing codes
Diabetes Tech Billing Codes & Reimbursement
Understanding and using the right billing codes can help make prescribing CGM easier (ADCES)...
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A deeper dive into the International Consensus Report on Time in Range and guidance recommendations
The ADA Standards of Care included TIR as an important metric for people with diabetes...
time in range work flow on a yellow background
Optimizing workflow with time in range in your practice (video)
Watch how healthcare teams incorporate time in range into their practice from ADA and Abott...
Magnifying glass looking at graphs of an AGP report
Check out CGM-specific sample AGP reports
View a variety of sample AGP reports you can download and use as a reference from AACE...
A young boy dressed as a superhero with mask and cape with his fists raised in the hair—he's ready for a time in range action plan!
Download a sample time in range action plan
Consider making AACE'S action plan a template that's adapted to a format that works for you...
Woman with white hair looking at a phone app that helps read her patient's time in range - she is elated!
Apps to help you understand your patient’s time in range
Check out these apps that give you a bigger picture of your patient's data...

Getting started with a CGM

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