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Resources on Time in Range

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Above view of hands of clinician with gadgets scrolling through medical statistics among document in clipboard with stethoscope and blank card
How to use time in range in clinical practice
TIR and HbA1c – working together to provide actionable insights...
Colorful arrows on a graph trending upwards
Interpreting the AGP report
Device download reports vary by manufacturer and include differing data presentations....
ADA standards of care 2022
Time in Range in ADA's Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes—2022
In 2022, ADA included time in range in their stands of care for people with diabetes...
target on blue background
Clinical guidance and targets for time in range
A deeper dive into the International Consensus Report and guidance recommendations...
Mother and daughter exercising at home. girl has continuous glucose monitor on her arm.
Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) vs blood glucose monitoring (BGM)
Dig deeper into the differences between CGM and BGM....
Team of doctors looking at a laptop learning about time in range
Register for free CGM device trainings
Training and education resources developed by, and for, health care professionals...
Closeup shot of an unrecognisable doctor writing on a clipboard in an hospital
Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring Implementation Playbook
Check out this step-by-step guide on introducing professional CGMs into your practice...
Woman with pink shirt with Dexcom G6 smiling
Personal Continuous Glucose Monitoring Implementation Playbook
Check out this step-by-step guide on introducing personal CGMs into your practice...
Woman HCP talking to her patient with diabetes about time in range
Time-in-Range: An Intuitive CGM Metric to Integrate in Your Clinical Practice
Check out Dr. Earle's experience with introducing time in range into her practice...
Woman in pink shirt happily talking to her HCP about time in range
Time in Range: How to Measure It, How to Report It, and Its Practical Application in Clinical Decision-Making
This article reviews time in range as the new standard for assessing patients with diabetes...
Screenshot of a clip in video—cartoon dr talking to elderly diabetes patient about their time in range
Working Together to Use Time in Range Data (video)
Learn how to have a productive conversation with patients about their time in range...
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