There are several apps that can help people with diabetes and their healthcare providers closely examine their time in range, identify patterns, and ease their worries. There are apps designed especially for healthcare professionals that can help better understand the data. Ultimately, it helps people know more so they can do more. Here’s what’s available to download.

Dexcom Clarity 

The Dexcom Clarity mobile app allows users to track their recent CGM trends and view the data on easy-to-read charts and graphs. Users can also set a daily time-in-range goal and receive analysis of 14 days of CGM data to provide an estimated A1C.  Depending on who is viewing the data, there is Dexcom Clarity for Home Users and Dexcom Clarity for Clinicians. The user can then send all of this information straight to their healthcare provider from the app to keep you updated in between visits. 


The LibreView online application allows you to create and share standardized, easily accessible reports into one complete chart to aid in better conversations with your patients and ultimately better treatment decisions. Your patients can connect their device to your computer for an in-office upload or you can invite patients to upload remotely and share their data. Either way, reports can be quickly and individually downloaded. You access the portal online so no need to download any special software.

Carelink Connect

Through the CareLink Connect App, healthcare professionals can view the information sent from their patient’s connected insulin pump or CGM device and even be notified of certain patient alerts.


Glooko Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) allows you to analyze your patients’ trends and patterns. You can use in-clinic and remote data to enhance your treatment decisions and provide targeted diabetes care programs that expand services to your patients who need it the most.


Tidepool is another great platform to view all of your patients’ device data from any insulin pump and CGM in the United States, as well as a wide variety of blood glucose meters and diabetes apps. Visualize your patient’s time in range, their frequency of pump maintenance tasks, and other general glucose and insulin dosing trends from a variety of diabetes devices. Tidepool connects all of this data into one integrated easy-to-use platform.

Simulation apps

Simulation apps are especially great to learn about and see what it’s like to interact with the different technology, including insulin pumps and automated insulin delivery. These apps include t:simulator, Omnipod 5 Simulator, and Minimed Simulator.

ADA Standards of Care also has a mobile up to easily view the most up-to-date guidelines.